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January 7, 2013 Uncategorized Comments Off on NEW DEADLINE FOR CLEAN BEACHES DESIGN CHALLENGE February 18th!

1st: $3,000
2nd: $2,000
3rd: $1,000
Scholarship: Any student on the top three winning teams who applies and is accepted into PNCA’s MFA in Collaborative Design program will be offered a $2,000 scholarship.

Design Challenge

November 5, 2012 Uncategorized Comments Off on Design Challenge

 SOLVE and the Collaborative Design program of the Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA) have teamed up to create a design challenge related to cleaning tsunami and other debris from Oregon beaches. The Clean Beaches Design Challenge is a competition for college student teams interested in tackling a complex problem with scientific, political and social dimensions. During the course of this competition students will learn valuable employment and life skills while meeting and networking with students from other schools from around the world.

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Groundswell Movie showing this Wednesday at Patagonia Portland (Ecotrust Bldg)

November 4, 2012 Uncategorized Comments Off on Groundswell Movie showing this Wednesday at Patagonia Portland (Ecotrust Bldg)


All-MFA Pecha Kucha

October 25, 2012 Events 2 Comments

Last night, students from all of PNCA’s MFA programs gave pecha-kucha-style presentations at the Museum of Contemporary Craft. Three students from each program gave three minute talks about their work and things that inspire them. The three presentations from Collaborative Design were:

Clean Beaches Design Challenge: Emma Conely & Joan Lundell

Designing with East Portland: Laura DeVito

Capstone on Education: Danielle Olson & Sharon Dvora


Open House

October 3, 2012 Events Comments Off on Open House

September 26, 2012 Events Comments Off on
Urban Learning Lab: Works from the MFA studios of Collaborative Design (PNCA) and Applied Craft + Design (PNCA + OCAC) 
October 9-13
2 programs x 2 projects = 4 solutions that embody an approach to design, interweaving creativity, collaboration, and social action, in real time and in living context. Creativity works here. The MFA students of Collaborative Design and Applied Craft and Design utilize the city as a studio to cultivate projects that harness design for public good.

Design Week Portland

September 26, 2012 Events Comments Off on Design Week Portland

Design Week Portland

Portland is a city of design and for design, unique in its approach to defining place, culture, and attitude. Design Week Portland celebrates design as our city’s most promising cultural and economic resource. Our purpose is to explore process, craft, and practice across disciplines through our city’s vibrant design programming.

Manifesto for Artistry in Living

September 25, 2012 Uncategorized Comments Off on Manifesto for Artistry in Living

Art is important. Not just in what it is but in the essence of its being. Art is not only the sublime application of paint on a support, the perfect pitch of a note, or the grace of a sculpted curve. It resides within us and is expressed most fully when we do our best. At anything.  Mediocrity is too often accepted as a benchmark for achievement.  When we excel, attend closely to our tasks with fully alive focus and applied skill: that is art.  And moreover, that state is more desirable than “good enough” or “it’ll do”.

Art is in the well-made PB&J just as much as in the Louvre. Or it can be, if the crafter makes it so.  Craft and care should be part of all our works, thoughts and ideas. That care leads to professionalism, the act of being the best that we can.  Part of that includes upholding a set of standards and valuing certain concepts.  Not varying religious ones that say you must uphold archaic codes as unquestioned Moral Guides, revile those who are different, or not to eat pork. But real things that don’t change based on the prejudices of those in positions of authority, present or past. Concepts such as: Honor, Craftsmanship, Integrity, and Compassion.

Art is also in the honor of your word, standing by what you make and say, dealing fairly with all, and not using subterfuge to gain advantage. Avoid insincerity, speak clearly and truly. When making a thing, apply yourself fully in the task to the best of your skills.  Always.  Learn new skills and continually improve and refine the ones you have.  Don’t rest on your laurels.  Act with integrity and compassion, give people second chances, including yourself.  But protect yourself from those that would take undue advantage of you.

Live well.  Remember it is better to be a part rather than apart.  Community is vital.  Real, in-person, connections are more important than those on your cell phone.  Always learn new things.  Read!   It is better to know than to not know, and better to not know than assume.  Don’t be carried away by certainty.  Always examine what you think you know and not just admit when you are wrong, but actively search out your blind spots and unfounded assumptions.  Remember the universe is more complex than we can yet understand.  Allow room for mistakes, but not excuses.  Collect ideas, friends, and memories, not things.  Seek new experiences, and get out of your comfort zone frequently.  Get lost on purpose sometime, and find something you never suspected.

Be generous and kind. Don’t let anger rule your judgment.  Give something to someone you don’t know.  Your choices and deeds affect not only your soul, but how your neighbors live.  And you should help your neighbor at your inconvenience.  Because helping people is the right thing to do, not because you expect a return on investment.  Not just for the people around you, but for all the plants and animals of the living world we exist in and depend on for not only survival, but fulfillment.  What you do matters!  In the uncertainty of life the only thing we can ever really control is whether we are good people, or bad.  Make your legacy a worthy one.


Sean Tichnell

The Crystal (in London)

September 25, 2012 Uncategorized Comments Off on The Crystal (in London)

The Crystal – an urban sustainability center

Arctic Ice Defying Predicted Model, Melting Faster

September 22, 2012 Uncategorized Comments Off on Arctic Ice Defying Predicted Model, Melting Faster

The story isn’t that Arctic Ice is melting, it’s that Arctic ice is melting much faster than predicted.

Unfortunately, climate models do not seem to be good at coping with the Arctic. The melt is happening much faster in reality than it does in computer programs. It seems these are not capturing the subtleties of the ways in which more heat is getting to the far north, and that these subtleties matter.

Additionally the article goes on to show we still don’t know how this will change global weather patterns.

Now you don’t


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